Special Projects
Liaison for college entrance of qualified inner-city and at-risk youth to institutions of higher learning.

Support for women's abuse centers.

Exclusive books:
"Message from a Goldfish: A Guide to Awareness"
"Yantras for a Year"
"Spiritual Journeying Via Movies"
"God is Like Chicken and Peas" (Children's Book)
"When Eagles Call"
"Plato Bear Cub" (Children's Book)

Children's Meditation and Yoga Programs


Latest News:

  • Programs and meetings are periodically offered in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, New York, and Florida. Please call Marsha Mittman at 605-644-8062 for the current schedule.
  • Full day seminars and workshops, week-end retreats, and week-long programs are available. Please contact us for details.
  • Individual sessions available. 
  • Press and testimonials: available upon request.