Wellness is a State of Mind

Seminars / Lectures / Events

Throughout the year, we offer a spectrum of different courses on the following
and similar topics:

  • human potential
  • conscious evolution
  • spiritual awareness
  • female empowerment
  • stress management
  • wellness
  • meditation
  • holistic health
  • international power sites (Egypt, India, Bolivia, Peru, etc.)
  • the changing role of women/matriarchal societies 
  • underlying spiritual messages in contemporary film
  • the human energy system

We have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes on many topics. Programs can be custom designed for your business, organization, religious group, senior center or school/university. Please see below for our current schedule.

Current Schedule

Programs and meetings are periodically offered in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, New York, and Florida.
Please call Marsha Mittman at 605-644-8062 for our current schedule.